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The AVR Port is working!

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  • The AVR Port is working!

    By now, the ubiquitous "Smart Wall Plug" UI is nothing special. Except that this one is special. I'ts from the firmware running on an AVR Mega328P with the Smart.IO Host Interface code. As suspected, the core API handling code does not need any modification (*) so once the low level SPI and other hardware code work.It only took a few hours to get this work.

    The source this version of the Host Interface Layer will be uploaded to our site in a couple days.

    (*) Due to the Harvard nature of the AVR architecture. we will need to provide a set of flash-string friendly functions. Both set of API will be uploaded to our website.

    The port is tested on the Arduino PRO, which is based on the 3.3V Mega328P.

    More details later.