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Debugger Crashes on Startup

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  • Debugger Crashes on Startup

    Hi Richard,

    I finally got some code together this weekend and resurrected an old STK500/501 and Dragon to give it a try. Studio 4.2 sees the 500 and will program the ATmega128 but it knows nothing about Dragons. Studio 6 likes the Dragon and will program but can't see the STK500. After tracking down the STK500.exe in Studio 4, CB talks to the 500 too but when I try to fire up the the debugger, things go a bit south:

    and when I hit the close button, windoz spews out:

    which tells me nothing but may mean something to you.

    This was all on my Win10 laptop with the dongle and Dragon attached.

    What have I missed?


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    Hi Bruce, the Dragon and STK500 are very old. They are no longer supported by Atmel.

    I'm not even sure if V8 has even ever supported the STK500. It may have in its earliest releases, as code we migrated from V7, but as STK500 (which is from Atmel, and not from us) was deprecated by Atmel, we removed the support.