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atmega4809 support?

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  • atmega4809 support?

    New Arduino is going to use the 4809. Will the v8 compiler work with a new set of h files and a new item in the cpu pulldown?

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    We will need to add it. I will add it to the work list.


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      Fantastic. 3208 3209 4808 4809 32k and 48k.


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        'Looks Like' a custom config would work if you just specify the text to go from 0x4000 to 0xffff, the ram to go from 0x2800 to 0x3fff. I guess the io is a lot like the xmega64A3, so I tried to include xiom64a3v.h and got a bunch o errors. So I was looking at the xmega h files, and I see Johannes wrote a converter to go from the atmel xml file to a c h file, so tell him to expedite the creation of a iom4809v.h file. I think it will compile in v7 or v8 with a custom text and ram setting and that h file.


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          Bob, just added to 8.28.03:

          - Added device entries for ATMega 3208/3209, 4208/4209. NOTE: HEADER
          FILES and new AVR features not yet available. This is just to add the
          devices and their memory sizes to the device list. Additional support
          will be forthcoming.