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How to fork a CodeBlocks project?

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  • How to fork a CodeBlocks project?

    I've created a project in CodeBlocks I'd like to fork. It seemed to me the easiest way to do this would be to save a copy of the project under a different name. If I do File | Save project as ..., it let's me specify a new folder, but doesn't give me the option of changing the project's name. It confirms the project is successfully "cloned." If I change the newly saved project's name through Windows, CodeBlocks throws errors when I try to load it. What's the proper way to do what I want to do? I haven't been able to find help in the CodeBlocks manual. Thanks.

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    Karl, what I do is to first, normalize the paths (make them relative) in Build Options->Paths, then make a copy of the project directory. Then start working on the new directory.

    You can then rename the project name by going into the Project->Properties and change the name there:
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      Thanks, Richard. That gets me most of the way there, but it doesn't change the filename. I guess it's not essential, but it would be nice since I'd rather not have multiple projects floating around with the same filename. Is that possible to change?


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        You can just rename the .cbp and .v2.prj files.


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          All the build output files (.cof, .bin, .elf, ...) retain the old project's name. How do I change those?


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            Originally posted by Involute View Post
            All the build output files (.cof, .bin, .elf, ...) retain the old project's name. How do I change those?
            Go to Project->BuildOptions->Paths, and change the "Output File Name". Do a File->"Save Workspace" and Rebuild All to ensure everything is up to date.


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              I will add this info to the new doc. Thanks


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                Also, you can save a project as a template (File->Save as template) then create a new project based on that template (File->New..Project->User Template).

                It's also much faster an easier.