JumpStart C++ for Cortex, now 20% OFF

Introducing JumpStart C++ for Cortex

What do you get when you combine ImageCraft's professional yet easy-to-use IDE, ImageCraft's debugger, and the industry standard GCC compiler? Throw in inexpensive pricing and the JumpStart API (in which you can write readable functional code for ST MCU in a few lines of code, instead of using low-level inefficient vendor library code) and you get JumpStart C++ for Cortex Version 9, the best development environment for the Cortex-M MCU.

JumpStart C++ for Cortex has now been released. The demo is fully functional for 45 days so you can evaluate it fully. And now, for a limited time only, take 20% off when you purchase a V.9 Standard license. To take advantage of this offer, after adding the product to the shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon, and enter the code 20OFFC++ (*) in the coupon code.

OR: Purchase JumpStart C++ for Cortex PLUS the JDB Debugger license for just $300, $100 off if purchased separately (normally $349).

Visit for more info or
buy now at

(*) 20% off discount valid for JumpStart C++ for Cortex V.9 STD license only
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helper stopped working

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  • helper stopped working

    Error -1073741819. Running win10-64. Anyone else have a prob installing? I didnt have any probs on JSC for cortex demo or the C++ beta4 demo.

  • #2
    Hmm... jumpstart_helper.exe is new. When does it "stopped working", as soon as the IDE starts up? Can you please provide a screen cap?


    • #3
      Hi Bob, I have JumpStart C++ installed on Windows 10 and don't see any issue with it starting or running,


      • #4
        OK, I can duplicate the problem on Win10. I will look for a solution.


        • #5
          FIxed in 9.00.02. Download it here: