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    Hi all,

    Is there any examples for the Cortex C++? (I can't seem to find any)

    I'd particularly like to see the use of the JSAPI with some 3rd party library used on the same project. E.g. JSAPI IOPINs with STM's libraries using the F407's RTC.

    I love the JSAPI ease of use and would like to use it in conjunction with particular functionality which is not supported by the JSAPI (as of yet anyway).

    Thanks for the assistance,

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    This is something in the work. It is pretty straight forward, as ultimately the JSAPI just manipulates the I/O registers just the same way as the STM libs. So for example, it would be perfectly fine to use JSAPI usart2 and then also access them using ST's USART2 Typedef. You can even do them in the same file or split them into different C and C++ files to avoid confusion.

    p.s. the latest version of the doc V0.91 has a small section on how to interoperate C and C++ files.

    More later. Regards.